A small tragedy within the greater tragedy

To continue our commentary on the recent travesty of an election, let us all remember that in the overall scheme of things this is a small tragedy within a greater tragedy.

Human beings, through their reckless expansion and consumption, have guaranteed, at minimum, that people who are young now will live through a long ‘time of troubles’, during which economic migration increases, agriculture becomes more difficult, and coastal cities are under assault by rising sea level—to mention just a few specifics among many. There is, so far, no sign that a critical number of human beings understand what is happening, neither at the grass roots or among our ‘leaders’.

And by the way, the United States, with ~4.5% of the world’s population, is responsible for something in excess of 25% of the already-committed damage to the climate.

So, Trump and the Republicans will try to make policy changes in the wrong direction; but this will happen at the margins. A Clinton administration would not be proposing a large and rising carbon tax, let alone getting it enacted (certainly not with a Republican House). But this is still the single best thing we could do.

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One Response to A small tragedy within the greater tragedy

  1. Jan Lundberg says:

    ” …this is a small tragedy within a greater tragedy.” I will have to steal this phrase.
    Basic flaws in the quasi democracy, such as the Electoral College, the low turnout due to voting on a week day or non-holiday, and Citizens United (it was already substantially a Citizens United kind of situation for almost forever), are not accidents, of course. This manipulation and control over the populace makes sure there is little choice, but there’s the veneer of democracy to fool those starting with minimal real education. When a protest movement gets going, so far it has been squelched fiendishly — the liberation movements of the late ’60s, Occupy, and Bernie Sanders. But who knows, next time…

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