If he were courageous and sufficiently capable of thinking outside the box, President Obama should have declared a national emergency and called for an open, ranked-choice election, to be held in a few months, with many open debates in the interim, with advertising forbidden. This, of course, would need to be accompanied by a commitment by Hilary Clinton not to run. If we want to keep the ‘first woman President’ thing alive she could invite Elizabeth Warren to run.

Turnout was about 56%; so Trump’s support amounts to less than 27% of the electorate. And in the special circumstances of this election we would be right to conclude that Trump is completely unacceptable as President to perhaps a clear majority of Americans; this would be even more certain if we consider those who will turn 18 during the next four years.

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One Response to Redo

  1. Jan Lundberg says:

    The present president got a much bigger vote. Almost everyone, it seemed, was ready for the first Black president. Unfortunately his strong areas were not so numerous, and his weak or destructive areas were as numerous. For him to do the right thing now is not a given.

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