Brain exercise

Just something quick today. See how many English monosyllables (base forms only) you can think of (within a reasonable amount of time) in which the vowel sound is spelled ‘oa’ and pronounced like the vowel in ‘home’. A list of 48 is given in the next paragraph (highlight to make visible).

[oaf, oak, oast, oat, oath, boast, boat, bloat, broach, coach, coal, coast, coat, coax, cloak, croak, foal, foam, float, goad, goal, goat, gloat, groan, groat, hoax, load, loaf, loam, loan, loath, moan, moat, poach, roach, road, roam, roan, roast, soak, soap, shoal, shoat, stoat, toad, toast, throat, woad]

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One Response to Brain exercise

  1. Jeannette Ralston says:

    That was fun! Thank you. I got 39 and in about four or five minutes before I had to leave. You missed gloam! Too bad Boadicea has too many syllables. One so rarely gets to bring her into anything.

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